No more watering orchids with water: water them with water for a spectacular bloom

Orchids, known for their versatility and wide variety, are ideal for indoor cultivation. With over 25,000 species available, the Phalaenopsis, or moth orchid, stands out as a popular choice. These vibrant plants not only enhance your home’s aesthetics but also thrive with proper care, especially regarding watering.
Enhancing Orchid Blooming: What to Use?
To ensure your orchids bloom beautifully, it’s essential to know what to water them with. While water is crucial for their survival and helps transport nutrients, using specific solutions can boost their flowering.
Green Tea: A Natural Boost for Orchids

Green tea, rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, is excellent for orchids. Prepare it by steeping green tea leaves in hot water and then cooling the infusion. This natural fertilizer, used monthly in spring and summer, supports robust growth and blooming. However, moderation is key, as overuse can harm the plant.

Alternative Fertilizers for Orchids

Apart from green tea, other homemade solutions can promote orchid health:

Egg Cooking Water: After boiling eggs, the leftover water, rich in calcium and other minerals, serves as an effective fertilizer.

Banana Peel Water: High in potassium and nitrogen, soaking organic banana peels in water for 24 hours creates a beneficial orchid fertilizer.

Rice Cooking Water: This starchy water, containing essential nutrients, aids in plant growth and improves photosynthesis. Similarly, water from boiled potatoes or pasta can be useful.

These natural fertilizers not only encourage spectacular orchid blooms but also provide necessary hydration. By experimenting with these options, you can enjoy vibrant and healthy orchids in your home.

Credit: Home Remedies

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