The fascinating and tragic story of Mary Ann Bevan

I’m pleased with how far our civilization has progressed in 2022 in a lot of respects.While it’s true that some things were better in the past, if we only go back a few centuries, we can see that there were some aspects of daily life that actually belonged in the past.

“Freak shows” were one of the most well-liked attractions in the 19th century and were seen as a regular part of American society.They were essentially mobile circuses that featured “odd” individuals, like bearded women and Siamese twins.

Mary Ann Bevan, one of these “odd” people, earned the title of “Ugliest Woman in the World,” and her fascinating life story and tragic end highlight why we must never forget her.

Individuals of different ethnicities or with different physical abilities have always fascinated people – but putting them on public display and making money out of them is something that is wrong, no matter the time period we’re talking about.

In the 19th century, audiences gathered to see people with deformities; today, it’s simply unthinkable to do so. “Freak shows” were extremely popular from the 1840s until the 1940s, and exploitation for profit was not seen as ethically immoral.

Therefore, it’s possibly not all that surprising that Mary Ann Bevan’s story starts during this specific period in time. On December 20, 1874, in Plaistow, East London, the United Kingdom, Mary Ann Webster was born.

It was usual during this time for practically every working-class household to have hordes of kids. Being one of eight children—six of whom were brothers—Mary Ann Webster grew up in the same way as her siblings.

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