In addition to purifying the air, these 7 plants attract positive vibes and wealth into your home

Plants help us feel better in many ways, sometimes even giving us a sense of peace and serenity. We don’t know the exact reason, but if you want to recharge your batteries, nothing is better than a walk in the middle of a park or forest, especially amidst the wonderful colors of autumn. For the same reason, plants are also important in the home, so discover the plants that attract positive vibrations and wealth into the home according to Feng Shui, this ancient Asian art that promotes harmony in our interiors. .

In addition to purifying the air and their spiritual benefits in the home, plants can sometimes be used as medicine and lower the temperature in cases of fever.

These are the most common uses of plants, but there are others too and these are uses that aim to attract positive vibrations into our home. And not just vibrations, but also more tangible things. Like money, for example.

There are at least five people said to have this power.

The 7 plants that attract positive vibrations and wealth into your home according to Feng Shui


Helm’s Crassula – Source: spm

1. Helm’s Crassula

It is an easy plant to grow and seems to be good to place right after the front door. It seems to bring wealth.


Mint – Source: spm

2. Mint

As everyone knows, mint smells great and can be used to make herbal teas, but it also seems to   attract positive vibes and help with insomnia  . Place it where it can receive plenty of natural light.


Eucalyptus – Source: spm

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