Dying woman has one last wish. Then carer takes something out of his pocket that shocks everyone

Everybody ages and passes away eventually.

I don’t think dying is particularly scary because I see it as a natural and beautiful thing. But, I’m also afraid of growing old and losing the ability to take care of myself.

To be totally reliant on someone else, incapable of using the restroom independently, and unable to recall the names of your children. That is not a way of living.

Maria was residing in a care facility to spend her last days. She also realized that her time on earth was running out.

Maria had been a singing and piano teacher her whole life and missed being surrounded by music.

Fortunately for her, one of her former pupils was employed by her Austinburg, Ohio, assisted living facility.

She had been Joshua Woodard’s teacher since he was nine years old, so they were well acquainted.

Before she passed away, Maria’s greatest desire was to hear the song “How great thou art.”

Joshua was naturally excited to grant Maria her last wish.

He performed a moving performance of Maria’s all-time favorite song using the song lyrics from his phone.

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