She saw a moving trash bag and knew right once that there was life inside!

Melissa Sergeant Lewis experienced an extraordinarily peculiar day that fundamentally transformed her life. The morning had her racing against time as she set out for work in her car. While driving, she noticed an ebony refuse sack right in the middle of the road.

To her astonishment, the sack seemed to be moving as she attempted to drive past it. Intrigued, the lady decided to pull over and investigate the curious sight more closely, instinctively aware that something alive resided within the enigmatic bag.

Without a second thought for her own safety, she unfastened the bag’s seal. To her sheer amazement, she discovered a puppy nestled inside.

How could someone be so heartless as to forsake a defenseless puppy, confining it within a tied-up garbage bag? This cruel act not only abandoned the innocent creature but also sealed its fate, leaving no chance for survival.

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