How to Use This Strange Tool in Your Kitchen

Kickstart your morning with the joy of a soft-boiled egg, its inviting yolk ready for a dip in your toast. Elevate this simple pleasure effortlessly with a handy tool: the Egg Topper Cutter.

Unearthed at a yard sale, initially mistaken for a cigar clipper, the Egg Topper Cutter is a game-changer. Crafted for neatly opening soft-boiled eggs, it keeps the delicate yolk and white intact.

Quick Guide to Using an Egg Topper Cutter:

  1. Prep the Egg: Begin with a soft-boiled egg, with a runny yolk encased by a solid white.
  2. Stabilize the Egg: Secure the egg upright in an egg cup.
  3. Handle the Tool: Firmly grasp the Egg Topper Cutter by its handle.
  4. Place the Cutter: Align the cutter’s edge atop the egg’s narrower end.
  5. Press Down: Apply a gentle squeeze to slice off the top of the shell.
  6. Lift Away the Top: Remove the cutter to reveal a perfectly opened egg.
  7. Enjoy: Season the egg to taste and indulge.

Advantages of the Egg Topper Cutter:

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