Girl Abandoned By Parents For Her Looks Wants To Prove The World Wrong – Now She Models For Vogue

Young children’s lives are primarily impacted by their parents. Children depend on their parents to give them the love and protection they need to be content and healthy, as well as to grow and develop properly, from the moment of birth.

Our emotional and physical health may suffer if we are forced to grow up without our parents for whatever reason.

The parents of Xueli Abbing, a 16-year-old girl born in China, abandoned her. She was abandoned at an orphanage door on the assumption that she appeared too “weird.”

The orphanage personnel gave her the name “Xueli” with a very special meaning related to her appearance. Snow white is Xue, and beautiful is Li. There isn’t a name I can think of for this lovely child who was born with albinism.

A genetic disease called albinism causes the skin, hair, and eyes to produce less melanin, which causes them to be light in color or to have no color at all.

She was raised with love and care by a lovely Dutch family who adopted her. She was approached to model for a designer in Hong Kong when she was just 11 years old for a photo session where he wanted to show the various sorts of beauty.

“She called the campaign ‘perfect imperfections’ and asked if I wanted to join her fashion show in Hong Kong,” Abbing said in an interview to the BBC. “That was an amazing experience.”

People who have albinism are subject to stigmatization, prejudice, and discrimination based on both their race and their skin color. They may even be “hunted” in some extreme cases due to the mythical medicinal value of their bones.

“I’m lucky I was only abandoned,” Abbing has said.

Sometimes models with albinism can be used to depict angels or ghosts which Abbing comments that “it makes her sad.”

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