This is why you should start consuming frozen lemons

Some people have the habit of scooping out the lemon juice and discarding the peel of the fruit. But in reality, the nutrients contained in lemon peel have multiple virtues that must be preserved. To enjoy it, you can sprinkle your salads with lemon zest or mix them with juice. Indeed, everything is good in lemon, and every part of the fruit participates in the prevention and treatment of certain conditions. To preserve the vitamins and minerals contained in lemons, you can opt for a proven freezing method.

Before freezing, be sure to get organically grown lemons to avoid the presence of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Ideal for those who add lemons to their cooking, this method allows you to later incorporate whole citrus fruits or grate the zest.

To freeze whole lemons, place them in a tightly closed freezer bag. Then put the bag in the freezer.

To freeze lemon juice, juice the citrus fruits and set the zest aside. Pour the juices obtained into small ice cube molds which you will place in a freezer bag. Then grate the lemon zest and place the zest in a bag which you will close tightly before placing it in the freezer.


  • Frozen lemon therapy helps fight many daily diseases to which we are frequently exposed,   such as colds, infections and flu.
  • Many people prepare, for example, lemon peel infusions.
  • But you should know that this process causes the lemon to lose over 40% of its properties.
  • On the contrary, if you freeze it, you will retain all its virtues and will be able to consume it more easily.


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