9 Things You Should Never Plug Into A Power Strip

In our daily lives, there are commonplace items around the house that often go unnoticed, yet some of these seemingly benign objects can pose significant risks, essentially acting as potential hazards.

Among these items, power strips stand out as convenient but potentially perilous devices. Despite their usefulness, they carry inherent dangers, with the risk of overload leading to failure and, in extreme cases, fire.

Before indiscriminately plugging various appliances into a power strip, it’s crucial to consider its power capacity, usually indicated on the power cable. Moreover, certain appliances should never find their place in a power strip to avert serious consequences.If you discover that your power strips are overloaded, it’s imperative to disconnect all devices and carefully reassess what goes into each plug. Moreover, there are specific appliances that should never be connected to a power strip under any circumstances.Oven: Despite not being in continuous use, ovens are power-hungry appliances that demand a dedicated wall outlet on a separate circuit.Refrigerator: Even energy-efficient refrigerators draw too much power to be accommodated by a power strip. It is advisable to plug them into a dedicated outlet on their individual circuit breaker.

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