Woman not allowed to board her flight due to ‘revealing’ outfit – when she explains her reason, it’s even more bizarre

Sometimes, people are deplaned for not complying with airline rules. When this young woman was not allowed to board the plane, she was incredibly upset. She later explained the reason why she was denied entrance to the place and how upset it made her.

Keep reading to know more about what exactly happened…

Kine-Chan is a Brazilian model and cosplayer who is known far and wide on the internet for her creative looks. She puts a lot of effort and thought into her costumes. This time, Chan decided to dress up as Rebecca, a character from the anime series Cyberpunk:

The costume required her to don on a black bikini, blue wig, and black sandals. She then decided to wear the look to the airport and board her flight in the same outfit. But unfortunately for her, things did not go the way she had planned.

She was at Navegantes Airport, in Brazil, when the staff for the airline stopped her from boarding her flight. According to the staff, she was being stopped for boarding the plane in “inappropriate” clothing.

The 21-year-old then took to Instagram to express her dismay over the entire situation. She posted a long paragraph in Portuguese where she outlined what happened to her.

“A very annoying situation happened this weekend,” she wrote. “I tried to board at Navegantes airport dressed as Rebecca’s Cosplay for an event. I already knew that I could be late, so I was dressed so as not to waste time and could go straight to my room. But I was told to go home and change clothes because the one I was wearing was not ’appropriate’.”

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