Did I Cross a Line with My Actions When I Encouraged My Daughter to Divorce Her Husband?

Jennifer found herself grappling with the weight of her actions after urging her daughter, Susan, to divorce her controlling husband, Stan. As a mother of three adult children, she prided herself on respecting their autonomy but couldn’t ignore the concerning signs in Susan’s marriage.

During a family dinner, Jennifer witnessed Stan’s disrespectful behavior towards Susan, which escalated when she discovered it wasn’t an isolated incident. Concerned for her daughter’s well-being, Jennifer sought a private moment with Susan to uncover the extent of Stan’s controlling behavior.

Susan revealed Stan’s manipulative tactics, from dictating her career choices to monitoring her every move. Jennifer’s maternal instincts kicked in as she listened to her daughter’s distressing experiences. She offered unwavering support and explored potential solutions, including counseling and legal advice.

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