My Mother-in-Law Tried Snooping in My Bedroom Only to End up Screaming and Feeling Humiliated

A woman was tired of her mother-in-law constantly invading her privacy. Time after time, she just had to deal with it until one day, she told her husband what his mother was doing and how she planned to catch her.

A Reddit user took to the platform to ask others for advice on whether or not she was wrong for how she chose to get revenge on her snooping mother-in-law. Her husband felt she had gone too far.

The woman explained that she had done the only thing to make her husband see what his mother was doing. However, the man didn’t think she needed to do it and told her she was wrong.

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She then turned to netizens to find out if anyone else thought what she did was going too far or if she had done the only thing that would get her mother-in-law to stop her behavior.

What Did the Woman’s Mother-In-Law Do?

The woman shared that her mother-in-law (MIL) habitually wanted to go into their bedroom whenever she went to her and her husband’s house. Once, when her MIL did this, the woman followed her.

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The woman’s MIL did not hear her coming up the stairs behind her, and the woman saw her MIL go into her bedroom and rifle through the bills on her dresser. When the woman confronted her MIL, the older woman denied snooping.

The woman knew it was finally time to get her revenge on her snooping MIL.

Open bedroom door with a key inside | Source: Getty Images

The MIL said she had only entered the woman’s bedroom because she couldn’t find a bathroom elsewhere. However, these actions prompted the woman to install an exterior doorknob that required a key. She established the same type of doorknob in their office.

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