‘Money-obsessed’ Meghan wants private jet on command – she thought Harry would be worth hundreds of millions, expert claims

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have remained relatively quiet since the release of the former’s memoir, Spare, in January. The royals have thus far refused to comment on any of the claims made by the pair, and with March approaching, the Sussexes have now been mocked by the adult animated television comedy show South Park.

When the couple left the Royal Family and their duties behind, they were also cut off from funding from the Palace. Instead, Harry and Meghan had to make it on their own. Based on reports, it looks like things have turned out pretty well for them indeed.

Even so, a royal expert is now speculation that things might not be as good as expected. Author and royal expert Tom Bower claims that the couple can’t afford the lavish lifestyle they desire – and that Meghan thought Harry would be worth more money.

Meghan Markle

Harry and Meghan have been in the spotlight for years now. Not only because they left the royal family – going on to feature in several high-profile interviews – but also because of their ongoing feud with the establishment they left behind. Recently, they found themselves mocked in a brand new South Park episode.

It was the now-infamous Oprah Winfrey interview that many felt started their “war” against the monarchy. During the sit-down, the couple made a series of startling claims regarding what they’d been forced to endure while living together in the UK.

Meghan would go on to start her podcast, while early last summer Harry revealed that he was going to release a memoir.

Harry’s huge success with ‘Spare’ book

In December, Netflix released Harry and Meghan’s six-part documentary series. The production, in which Harry and Meghan continued to delve into things that had happened up to that point in their lives, was met with both positive and negative reactions. The pair also revealed new things about their lives as royals, and how their respective experiences had formed them as people.

In early January, Harry released Spare, his tell-all memoir. Just as with the Netflix series, the reviews were mixed. One thing that’s beyond all doubt, though, is that it proved to be a massive success story for him and his publisher, Penguin Random House.

According to the publisher, Spare sold 400,000 copies across physical, e-book, and audio formats on the first day alone. In fact, it became the fastest-selling non-fiction book in the UK of all time.

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