Woman tries to take her seat on a plane – but she refuses, and what happens next has the internet is divided

Waiting long hours at the airport can be tiring. With all those people rushing to get their flights, the long queues, and the pressure of flying, not everyone enjoys traveling by plane.

A woman who was about to take a flight wanted to make sure she would be comfortable enough during the trip so she booked a double seat. However, this decision placed her in a very unpleasant situation which required from her to choose between her own comfort and societal expectations.

As she explained, the woman was about to visit her family for Christmas and because of her size, she booked two seats. Of course, she didn’t mind paying more all for the sake of her comfort.


The check-in went smoothly, and once she passed security and boarded the plane, the woman took her seats.

At one moment, a mother and her 18-month-old child approached the woman. Seeing that she was sitting all by her self on two seats, the mother asked the woman if she could squeeze herself in on one seat so that her toddler sits on the other.

The woman said no, but then the mother started making a scene that caught the attention of the flight attendant. Upon realizing what was going on, the flight attendant asked the woman if she was willing to give the seat to the toddler, but the woman refused once again and the mother was told to keep her son in her lap instead.

However, although the mother did what she was asked for, she was mad at the woman and made her flight a living hell by making rude comments and giving her dirty stares.


Later on, the woman couldn’t stop but wonder if she did the right thing or she could simply give up one of the seats she paid in full for to the little boy.

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