Kathy Bates health: Actress ‘went berserk’ after diagnosis of ‘incurable’ condition

With heavy hearts, we report the sad news about the multi-talented actress Kathy Bates…

If you believe that Hollywood celebrities are way different than we are, touching stories like this one are a reminder that they are just ordinary people like us who experience pain and go through things.

In her latest interview with Dr.Phill, the academy award winner Kathy Bates opens up about her illness and what she had to endure without sharing it with the rest of the world.

Out of the blue, life gave her the toughest role she ever had to play, that of a real life fighter and a warrior that had to beat cancer for the second time.

Back in 2012 she gathered the strength and told US Weekly, “It’s no secret that I am an ovarian cancer survivor, nine years and counting. But few know that several weeks ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer.” Explaining what it looks like to be diagnosed with this disease, she says, “You think American Horror Story is scary? You should’ve been in that room with me.”

After she was told the devastating news that she suffers from ovarian cancer back in 2003, her ordeal started taking place. She had undergone multiple painful surgeries and nine months of chemotherapy but decided not to share it with anyone. She told PEOPLE:

“I didn’t tell anybody. I continued to work right after the operation, doing Little Black Book with Brittany Murphy. My agent at the time was very old-school and didn’t want me to be the poster child for ovarian cancer. I didn’t want anyone to know, but it really took a lot out of me.”

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