Teenage boy refuses to wear tuxedo to cousin’s ‘lavish’ wedding. AITA? UPDATED.

When this teen boy is annoyed with the requirements at his cousin’s wedding, he asks Reddit:

“AITA because i dont want to wear a tuxedo for a wedding?”

Hello, I(15m) have to go to a wedding tomorrow and I absolutely dont want to go there. My cousin is getting married and it’s going to be a really big fancy wedding party where all the guys have to wear a tuxedo.

My parents know very well that I hate formal clothes and that I don’t like shirts, ties and that kind of stuff and i hate even more to be seen in such clothes and I told them that I don’t want to wear this stuff, but they threatened me that if I wouldn’t wear one I’m not allowed to go to a metal festival in the summer i want to attend.

So last week they dragged me to a suit rental shop and got me a tuxedo…This thing is so F-ing uncomfortable, I had to wear it for half an hour to try it out and even though my mom says it fits, I F-ing hate it.

And the bigger problem is that I told my other cousins ​​that I would never wear that sh&t and I dont want to be seen dressed like that, they will tease me as soon as they see me.

Today I asked my parents again to let me stay at home, but they got really mad. We were arguing and they say I have to come and I have to wear this tuxedo the whole wedding and I and the thought of it makes me mad.

I begged them but they just told me that they’ve had enough of my discussions and if I don’t shut up and behave tomorrow, then I can forget my metalfestival. I thought I would think of some way out, but I have no idea how to get out of this and my parents are really pissed off now.

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