Woman furious struggling SIL ‘humiliated’ her daughter over eating their food. AITA?

“AITA for telling my SIL she’s not allowed around my daughter again after she humiliated her over food?”

My SIL is very hard up right now and has been going to food banks to feed her, my brother and the kids. She works part time and takes care of my brother (car accident, partially temporarily paralyzed).

They are waiting for insurance to kick in to pay for his medical bills, an on call nurse and PT. Since she moved to part time and is hard up with money, she offered to babysit my daughter (11) for extra cash. I offered to give her $250 a week, day care prices. She agreed.

Now, since I know they have been going to food banks, I have been providing my daughter food every day I send her there so my SIL doesn’t have to worry about it. Usually a couple sandwiches and snacks.

However, I got a text from my daughter yesterday saying my SIL humiliated her and made her feel stupid over taking food.

I guess my daughter was still hungry after eating all the food I packed (she just had an ADHD med change and I guess it peaked her appetite) and she went inside and ended up eating a bunch of food and my SIL lost it because it was ‘all they had’ (they were having a pool party so everyone was outside and didn’t see her take the food). She told my daughter to get outside.

So I immediately left work and came to investigate and I found my SIL inside with her head in her hands. I asked her what happened and she wouldn’t even look at me. I started prying for an answer because my daughter was visibly upset and practically ran to the car when I got there.

She snapped and said ‘go ask your kid how much she f*^%$ng ate, Chrissy, AFTER I told her not to touch what little food I had. Go!’ So I told her no, you tell me, you’re the f*$#@ng adult.

Well, she literally dumped out an entire full size packing box of empty containers. Cracker packs, like 4 fruit containers (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and watermelon), pudding cups, bags of chips and an empty sandwich meat bag. It was a lot and I’m not saying it wasn’t.

But then she goes ‘want to see what I have left to feed my f**&^%$g family?’ Opens her fridge and it was basically bare. Now, in no way am I condoning it because that was absolutely a lot of food but I still think it’s f*$#@d up that she made my daughter feel like s@*t about it.

I told her my kid wouldn’t be going back there at all and she said ‘good. Your kid just knowingly took at least 3 f*^%$#g days worth of food from my kids mouths so I’d rather not see her anyway.’

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